Lazy Gear: Rocket Book


One aspect of being a lazy employee is to be organize, which means having a planner of sorts. Anything can be a planner per say, a piece of scratch paper, a napkin, or even the back of envelope. Now all of these choices are cheap and easy to get to, but at the same time easy enough to get lost. This isn’t lazy, because what if it was something important written on there, like an money making idea, a plot twist to your writers block, or just the number for that date on Saturday night and you lost it. Great, either you have to spend energy to look for it, or chalk up as a lost and thus overall spending more effort than you should’ve in the first place. Thus, a note book should suffice, but finding that right note book might be a little hard.

This is what it looks like after I scanned it in. 

For the lazy employee, it has to be easy to carry, compact, and does more work for you. I present to you Rocket Book! I picked up my rocket book sometime earlier this year, and I haven’t gone back to any other notebook for a long while. It’s fairly compact that comes with 32 pages. Now it first seems not a lot but the thing about these pages is that they’re reusable. They are made of specialized material that allows you to write using Pilot Frixion Pens and then afterwards wipe it off. Now it doesn’t make sense to write something important to be erase, the thing about these is that, your able to quickly scan the pages with your app to allow easy upload to your e-mail, drop box, or other things as a pdf or a jpeg. These means less clutter and waste for you, and more things to keep around.

RB 2018-06-24 08.59.31
What actually gets scanned in. This is before I wrote that stuff in the other pictures.

The con though is that Frixion pens, are great pens, and are erasable (seriously awesome part), they aren’t my cup of tea of pens that I like to use. I am getting use to it but the thing about Rocketbook is that you have to allow the ink to dry for 15 seconds. Which means it can be troublesome for left hand writers. Another aspect to it too is that you have to give care to your book. i.e. you can’t leave ink on there more than a month or it stains horrible, or to not be very abrasive or else you you remove the coating that allows for the erasable nature of it.  Just like a white board, you can write all you want but over time, the ink and the coating it is on, doesn’t get clear and it becomes a little darker than when it was brand new. If you don’t mind any of those things, then this book is perfect.

The company that makes these book are constantly in R.D.  and just recently came out notepads in similar function which I picked up. You can pick up your Rocket Book at Target or on Amazon. You can also view this product and more at their website.