A confession from a Millennial

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
– George Santayana


I have a confession to make. I am an American Millennial. There I said it, I am a millennial, generation Y. A late product of the generation baby boomer era. A generation that went through several presidential terms, that saw the rebellion of generation X, and are entering an environment that the baby boomers left for us.

We are the generation that saw Twin Towers fall, and thus continuing the debate of what is right, wrong, and American. We are the generation that saw the birth of the internet, along the different social networks that came with it. The change of economy and society became swifter, stronger, and scarier. We became the generation that all our parents told us that the future we are currently living was in our hands. We are the generation of the Millennial.

As I sit in front of my computer, drinking my coffee with all it additives, a creation of a need to feel different but also conforming to societies ways, I turn 31. At this age, some say I accomplish a lot. I hold a position of authority, that so much of my generation seek. I am at a stable and settled point in my life. But being at the top I noticed something about my generation in the professional field.

Some of the people in this generation are still struggling, be it getting to the top, or just surviving daily against the travesties of life. So, what causes the struggle? Lack of opportunities? experience? monies? Is it all based on luck or hard work and determination? Many factors contribute this. I got through some obstacles use some strategic tactics and some risky gambling.

At the same time, there are managers, like myself, who are working with this generation, the previous, & future generations. Like parenting, there is no hard wire written book on how we should we be approaching managing much more working with these generations. Looking at the generation as a whole we can make some generalize statements, at the same time, each individual is different bringing their own little story of how and more importantly why they got where they are.

That what I feel is important, hearing everyone’s stories. So everybody, what’s your story?